Convert your PC into a vigilance system


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Cerberus is a full featured piece of software which can convert your PC and your webcams into a security system.

Plug your webcam and run Cerberus, you will not need anything else if you want to keep an eye on somewhere. Just place the webcam where you want and Cerbeus will do the rest. Do you want to observe more than one place? Don’t worry, because Cerberus supports up to 10 webcams at the same time.

Program Cerberus record images at a certain time, take snapshots, or maybe send the content recorded to an e-mail or via FTP.

It can act as a motion detector and it will start recording if it detects any movement, so you will be sure that the security in the place you have placed the webcam is total.

You can setup the options of each webcam separately so they fit your needs.

Cerberus will become the watcher which helps you feel safe when you are away.
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